Welcome to Opencallaborate!

“Corinne, did you spell ‘opencallaborate’ wrongly? Isn’t ‘collaborate’ spelled with an ‘o’ instead? (laughs)” – Brandon

Nope! 🙂 Opencallaborate is the combination of open call and collaboration because this blog is dedicated to exploring more about crowdsourcing. The name opencallaborate was developed when I was looking at the definition of crowdsourcing (click here). Through an open call to the public, crowdsourcing allows individuals, researchers, corporations and even governments to tap on a rich (and almost indefinite) pool of knowledge pool. This collaborative relationship developed can change the way current economies work, and even challenge jobs traditionally done through hiring.

Similarly, I hope that this place will be a platform for you and I to know more about crowdsourcing especially as I focus at crowdsourcing for specific causes. To begin, I would like to focus on the category of environmental sustainability because it is becoming more evident of how important protecting our environment is. Even as I type, I am trying to hide from the ridiculously warm Singaporean weather (approximately 35°C) in a cafe called Coffee Daily.

I have 2 hopes for opencallaborate:

  • As the writer: 
    1. to be more grateful for the environment around me and develop a heart for my environment. In gathering information about environmental sustainability, there will be criticisms but I hope that it will motivate me to take more ownership of environment by changing my lifestyle in little ways.
    2. Similarly, in reading more about crowdsourcing, I hope to discard this attitude that crowdsourcing little significance in a much larger problem (e.g. global warming, etc.). By seeing how people are trying, I hope to be inspired to do the same.
  • For my audience:
    1. I hope that this blog will develop a curiosity in you and help you see yourself in the bigger picture of sustainability. As an individual, I do feel pretty small and insignificant as I speak about a phenomenon much bigger than myself. However, I hope that we can both discover the great power we have in our hands and that is: choice.
    2. At the end of our discussions, I hope we can learn more from each other!

Thank you for coming by! 🙂 An exciting adventure awaits! Let’s toss out the idea that ‘environmental sustainability’ is for the boring old politicians who argue about it in their locked up rooms but let’s come with open minds!

Let me end with my mini announcement and just an “about me” below if you are interested to know:


This is an open call to anyone who is interested in collaborating to explore and assess the effectiveness of crowdsourcing for the environment! Come Opencallaborate Now!

About Corinne 🙂


  • I am Corinne, a daydreamer in Singapore who loves curry!
  • To be truthful, I can be quite a skeptic when it comes to individuals playing a part in environmental sustainability but, we’ll see if this perception changes as I do more research
  • This blog is meant for my university class, Sustainable Development and Urbanisation, and focuses on the topic Crowdsourcing for Environmental Sustainability

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.37.03 pm

Cheers, Corinne



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